Shure - SM57-X2U Kardioid Dinamik Mikrofon

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  • Shure SM57-X2U Kardioid Dinamik Mikrofon

    When you choose the Shure SM57-X2u, you'll have everything you need to record great tracks, right into your computer. With it, not only do you get the legendary studio "workhorse" SM57 microphone, but you also get Shure's handy X2u XLR-to-USB adapter. A perfect all-in-one solution for recording vocals, percussion, and especially electric guitar amplifiers, the Shure SM57-x2u takes the hassle out of setting up an audio interface - just plug it in and go. Plus, the X2u included in the Shure SM57-x2u will work with any XLR microphone.

    Shure SM57-X2u Dynamic Microphone and USB Adapter Bundle at a Glance:

    Gives you the legendary Shure SM57 - ideal for miking instruments

    Includes a handy adapter/USB interface that works with any microphone

    Gives you the legendary Shure SM57 - ideal for miking instruments

    Take a listen to your favorite tracks, and you're probably hearing the SM57 on the snare or the guitar amplifier - this thing is in virtually all major studios, and has been rightfully dubbed the "Swiss Army Knife" and the "workhorse" microphone of modern music. Every studio needs at least one of these versatile dynamics, with its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise. And, with the SM57-X2u bundle you'll be able to ready to take that legendary sound straight into your computer, thanks to the included X2u adapter.

    Includes a handy adapter/USB interface that works with any microphone

    With the SM57-X2u package, you also get Shure's convenient XLR-to-USB adapter. Just plug in the SM57, plug the X2u into any computer, and you're ready to start recording. In fact, the X2u will work "plug and play" with any XLR-equipped microphone - even those that require 48V phantom power - so it's a handy tool to have around. Its built-in headphone jack with volume control lets you listen to your tracks as you record or as you play them back - and you can dial in how much of the signal and the playback you hear, using the onboard Monitor Mix Control. The X2u records at better-than-CD-quality 16-bit/48kHz resolution.

    Shure SM57-X2u Dynamic Microphone and USB Adapter Bundle Features:

    Includes the Shure SM57 and the X2u XLR-to-USB adapter

    Complete plug-and-play solution for recording

    SM57 excels at recording drums, electric guitar, and vocals

    Designed for rugged road travel

    X2u XLR-to-USB adapter / audio interface provides 48V phantom power

    Includes a 9.8' USB cable for immediate use

    X2u features a headphone jack, Monitor Mix Control, and Gain Control

    Records at up to 16-bit/48kHz for better-than-CD-quality audio

    X2u is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X 10.1 or later

    The SM57-X2u bundle gives you a complete plug-and-play recording setup!

    Tech Specs

    Microphone Type Dynamic

    Polar Pattern Cardioid

    Frequency Response 40Hz-15kHz

    Output Impedance 150 ohms

    Color Black

    Connector USB, XLR

    Weight 0.63 lbs.

    Included Accessories Shure X2u XLR to USB Interface

    Garanti Bilgisi
    24 Ay
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