Shure - MX391W/C - Cardioid Boundary Condenser Microphone

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  • Shure MX391W/C - Cardioid Boundary Condenser Microphone

    Shure MX391W/C Cardioid Microflex Boundary Microphone White - Condenser Masa Tipi Mikrofon

    There's never been smarter boundary microphones than the Microflex models from Shure. With many models to choose from, equipped with features like programmable, silent membrane switches, logic inputs and outputs, and LED indicators, Microflex Boundary microphones are the high-quality solution for a range of applications, such as altars, boardrooms and distance learning centres. Every Microflex Boundary microphone features one of the new interchangeable condenser cartridges. Available in cardioid, supercardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns, the Microflex cartridges give you superior Shure quality sound options for every installation. In addition, their programmable switches offer the flexibility to be set for Push to Talk, Push to Mute or Push On/Push Off modes. Attractively designed with a low profile, professional appearance, the Microflex Boundary microphones come with an easy to use paint mask for your custom-colour installations.

    MX391W/C (Cardioid) Miniature White Condenser Boundary Microphone, 12 foot (4 meter) Attached Cable to 4-Pin Mini Connector, In-Line Preamplifier. Check the related items on the right hand, lower side of this page.


    These specifications apply only to the MX391/MX391W microphones when used with the supplied preamplifier. All measurements taken with the microphone mounted on a 76.2 cm x 76.2 cm (30 in. x 30 in.) wooden surface and with the sound source incident at 30 degrees with respect to the surface plane.

    Frequency Response: 50 to 17,000 Hz

    Output Impedance (at 1000 Hz): 180 Ohms actual (rated at 150 Ohms)

    Open Circuit Sensitivity: All settings -12 dB at 0 gain *1 Pascal = 94 dB SPL

    Maximum Sound Pressure Level: (1 kHz at 1% Total Harmonic Distortion, 1 k Ohm load)

    Cardioid: 118.8 dB

    Supercardioid: 117.5 dB

    Omnidirectional: 110.7 dB

    All settings +6 dB at 0 gain

    Signal to Noise Ratio (referenced at 94 dB SPL): Cardioid: 71.4 dB, Supercardioid: 72.7 dB, Omnidirectional: 79.5 dB

    Equivalent Output Noise (A-weighted): Cardioid: 22.6 dB SPL, Supercardioid: 21.3 dB SPL, Omnidirectional: 14.5 dB SPL

    Dynamic Range at 1 k Ohm Load: 96.2 dB, 100 dB at 0 gain

    Common Mode Rejection: 45 dB minimum, 10 Hz to 100 kHz

    Preamplifier Output Clipping Level: -6 dBV (0.5 V), -12 dB at 0 gain

    PolarityPositive sound pressure on diaphragm produces positive voltage on pin 2 relative to pin 3 of the preamplifier XLR output connector

    Power Requirements: 11 to 52 Vdc phantom, 2.0 mA current consumption

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    24 Ay
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