DB Technologies - DVA M2M+DVA M2S 2-Way Aktif Line Array Sistem

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Line Array
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  • DB Technologies DVA M2M+DVA M2S 2-Way Aktif Line Array Sistem

    Remember the DVA T8 launch? As hard as it was to believe, all that power and performance came packed in an incredibly compact, lightweight speaker. Now the DVA MINI is about to set a new standard (again).


    Offering the same hallmark user-friendliness and sound quality of its DVA predecessors, the MINI series sets the new benchmark for easy-to-use systems with top-range sound performance.


    The innovative Master + Slave design makes for simplified system wiring and less total weight, making this series equally ideal for permanent installation in theatres, places of worship, convention centres, and for concert tours and live music performances.


    Active Line Array 420 Watt RMS

    The DVA T4 is equipped with unique digital power amps that provide a total of 420W RMS. Driven by Digipro® technology, their resolution is several-fold that of conventional digital amps.


    They render signals very accurately with this high-definition audio capability.

    Sonic images are almost impossible to distinguish from those of analog sources, even in the HF range.  The amps are equipped with high-quality delta-sigma converters.


    The DVA T4‘s digital power amp features DPP™ (Digital Power Processing) technology and a multiband compressor/ limiter with separate response curves for each signal path. Its dynamic range is exceptionally wide.

    For example, headroom in the middle and high-frequency bands ranges up to 22dB. 

    This innovative circuitry not only maximizes dynamic response, it also ensures signals are rendered accurately and uniformly even at threshold levels.



    The 8“ Neodymium-Woofer is equipped with a high power 2.5“ voice coil to provide superior sound pressure level in a very compact size.


    High Efficiency

    The 6.5“ Neodymium-Midrange speaker has a sealed basket to provide an optimized volume capacity including high sensitivity and superb sound reproduction. 

    It also has a horn exit including phase plug for defined and linear sound emission.


    State-of-the-Art Drivers

    The build in 1”Neodymium- Drivers are equipped with a 1.4” Mylar- Membrane which allow a very quick response and provide a linear frequency range at a surprisingly low weight. 

    This driver was specially designed for the use with Line- Arrays. Its compact measurements allow very close proximity which is a main factor for minimum interference.




    Speaker Type: 3-Way Active Line Array Module


    Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 80 - 19.000 Hz

    Max SPL: One Unit: 128 dB

    HF: 2x1 "

    Voice Coil HF: 1.4 "

    Directivity: 100x15° Single unit

    MF: 1x 6.5 "

    Voice Coil MF: 1.5 "

    LF: 8 "

    Voice Coil LF: 2.5 "


    Amp Technology: Digipro®

    Amp Class: Class D

    HF Amp: 100 W RMS

    MF Amp: 100 W RMS

    LF Amp: 220 W RMS

    Cooling: Convection


    Controller: Analog Devices

    AD/DA Converter: DSP 24 bit/48 kHz

    System Presets: 8, HF/Low-mid correction

    Limiter: Dual Active Limiter Multiband RMS, Peak, Thermal

    Crossover Frequency MF-HF: 1800 Hz

    Slope MF-HF: 24 dB/Octave

    Crossover Frequency LF-MF: 400 Hz

    Slope LF-MF: 24 dB/Octave


    Signal Input: 1x XLR fem, Bal.

    Signal Output: 1x XLR male, Bal.

    Power Socket: 1x Powercon In 1x Powercon Out

    Voltage Range: 90 - 240 V


    Housing: Polypropylen PP reinforced

    Housing Design: Trapezoidal 15°

    Rigging Points: Integrated rigging hardware

    Width: 580 mm (23.2 in)

    Height: 240 mm (9.6 in)

    Depth: 327 mm (13.08 in)

    Weight: 13.8 kg (30.42 lbs)

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