Shure - 5575LE Limited Edition Nostaljik Mikrofon

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  • Shure 5575LE Limited Edition Nostaljik Mikrofon

    Want to add a classic vibe to your stage presence? Sweetwater has your vocal mic! The limited-edition 75th Anniversary Shure 5575LE is a modern version of the beloved Unidyne microphone that combines vintage looks and modern performance, giving you a great-sounding mic that's a real eye-catcher onstage! Housed in a classic satin chrome-plated housing that hearkens back to the early days of rock 'n' roll, the 5575LE adds pop-resistant red foam for an even more vibrant appearance. The heart of this mic, however, is completely modern - Shure's cardioid dynamic capsule, which serves up top-flight sonics sound while effectively rejecting off-axis noise. Whether you're a collector, a performer (or both), we think you'll adore the Shure 5575LE!

    Shure 5575LE 75th Anniversary Dynamic Vocal Mic at a Glance:

    Modern re-creation of a classic

    A great combination of vintage looks and modern performance

    Use it for stage, studio, podcasts, and more

    Modern re-creation of a classic

    This is it - the modern re-creation of Shure's beloved classic Unidyne mic. To design the 5575LE, Shure went back to their original schematics; the result is the modern version of one of the most recognized microphones in the world. The 5575LE is available in a numbered limited run of only 5575 units. With its Unidyne III cardioid cartridge, this vintage-flavored beauty gives you superior performance along with a stunning visual aesthetic - courtesy of the classic large-grille outer shell and integral red foam wind screen.

    A great combination of vintage looks and modern performance

    Housed in a beautiful vintage-style die-cast housing, the 5575LE provides nearly as much visual appeal as it does great sound for your vocals! This satin chrome-plated dynamic mic features a cardioid polar pattern and tailored frequency response for natural-sounding vocals and speech, as well as excellent rejection of outside sound sources. The 5575LE's integrated swivel stand mount gives you plenty of tilt adjustment capability, and it eliminates the need for a mic clip.

    Use it for stage, studio, podcasts, and more

    In addition to its stage-friendly durability, reliability, and cardioid pickup pattern, the 5575LE also works well for studio recording, podcasting, and other sound applications where a stand-mounted microphone with a classic look is desired. Its shock-mounted internal cartridge minimizes handling noise and gives you quiet operation. And wherever you use the Shure 5575LE, you'll appreciate the included aluminum flight case. In it, you'll find cool extras, including collector's photos and a certificate of authenticity with matching serialization and a tribute from company chairwoman Rose L. Shure.

    Shure 5575LE 75th Anniversary Dynamic Vocal Mic Features:

    Collectors take note: available in a limited edition of only 5575 units!

    Stand-mounted vocal and speech microphone

    Dynamic Unidyne III cartridge with cardioid polar pattern

    Vintage desk stand features a retro design (zinc die-cast with silver finish)

    3-foot right-angle XLR mic cable included

    Included aluminum flight case with 75th Anniversary logo

    Collector's photos include color print of 5575LE, plus B&W print of vintage 55 Unidyne

    Includes stand, cable, case, certificate of authenticity, and collector's photographs

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