Shure - 104C Mikrofon

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  • Shure 104C Mikrofon

    The Shure 104C was designed for demanding outdoor and indoor communication systems — mobile and fixed station — including police, fire, utilities, forestry, mining, drilling, transportation, and industrial applications.

    Note: The 104C works only with an input designed for a carbon microphone. The 104C will not operate with public address or paging systems that require a dynamic mic element.

    Shure 104C Features:

    Frequency response from 300 to 4,000 Hz, specifically designed for voice communications

    Small, light and compact case takes minimum space in portable and mobile equipment, fits comfortably and firmly in the hand

    Extremely rugged, high impact ARMO-DUR; case, stronger and lighter than die-cast metal, comfortable to the touch in hot or cold weather

    Double-pole, single-throw, leaf-type switch designed to stand up under rigorous operating conditions and constant usage

    Long life, rubber-jacketed coil cord

    Rugged and dependable under all operating conditions

    Shure 104C Specifications:

    Type: Carbon

    Frequency Response: 300 to 4,000 Hz

    Recommended Load Impedance: 50 to 100 ohms

    Actual Impedance: 30 ohms (with 50 mA current)

    Output Sensitivity: 5 dB below 1V for 100 microbar signal (voltage measured across 100-ohm load)

    Recommended Operating Current: 50 mA (20 mA minimum, 120 mA maximum)

    Switch: Double-pole, single-throw, leaf-type to control microphone andrelay circuits

    Cable: Non-detachable, 1.8m (6 ft), four-conductor, coiled cable

    Case: Gray high-impact ARMO-DUR®

    Mounting Bracket Supplied

    Net Weight: 510 grams (1 Ib, 2 oz)

    Shipping Weight: 624 grams (1 lb, 6 oz)

    Garanti Bilgisi
    24 Ay
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